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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

100% Pasture Raised Angus Beef, coming right up!

8 families: 1 cow begins!

I am the luckiest girl in the world right now. My boss has a 100% pasture raised Black Angus cow for me that's ready in a month! Wohoo!!!! Just in time for burgers on the grill. My freezer was getting super low on beef and I'm really happy to pick back up with some amazing grass fed beef again.

So we now have beef shares available.

8 families: 1 cow is our way of splitting up the whole beef into manageable portions that will fit into regular sized freezers and give you access to some locally grown, lean, pasture raised beef. The beef will be ready in a month and I'll bring it back here to the park and split it up equally between 8 shares. Each beef share will have a representative sample of the whole cow including some roasts, stew meat, burgers, soup bones, and steaks.

Shares are reserved when payment is received and spots do fill up fast. I'm not sure when I'm going to have another beef ready so let me know if you want in.

What the heck and I doing behing a computer on this beautiful day. I've got to get out and get planting! We're so far behind. What a totally weird spring, but CSA members --- prepare for a super bountiful fruit harvest this year. The plums actually made it and the apples and pears didn't get nipped with that frost either. Wow. I've got gooseberry plants to get in the ground now and potatoes and beans and cucumbers and tomato plants and and and......

Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring. I'm dancing around thinking about sunshine and fresh beef and a very happy growing season this year. Wohoo!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

love the dandelions

So it's been a lazy Sunday after a very enjoyable, but busy Saturday. I uncovered the carrots to see how many sprouted, kicked a couple chickens out of the greenhouse as they love laying eggs in there all the sudden, and went back to bed after waking up at 6am to put the sheep in out of the rain. It's raining again.... What a crazy spring where not much is in the ground yet. And I just looked at the calendar and it's MAY 1st!!!!!!

Whoa. Goodbye April showers, right. Right?

I had a fun time at the plant sale yesterday. I really enjoy my customers and I continually am amazed at the variety of really cool people around here that come out. I guess I just forget that sometimes as I'm either staring at sheep with Jason or in my own little world at the vineyard with the only human interaction being at the grocery store with people buying mass quantities of tv dinners standing under fluorescent lights. Feels really detached to me so it's nice to see people coming out and trying to grow their own food and get back into contact with the dirt. Kudos, Massillon.... & Canton & Akron too.

Anyway, I've got a nice list of flowers for the Mother's day plant sale next Saturday. I'm drinking some nice herbal tea with local honey in it right now and contemplating trying some buckwheat recipes. I have some mushrooms sprouting from a maple log in the orchard that are really enjoying this weather. Everything else is a bit tired of it though.
I don't mind it. It's spring time in Ohio. The dandelions are up and are beautiful as always. Everything is starting to grow, the apple blossoms are bursting, and I think I can finally say winter is over, I hope.

I'm grabbing my digger and planting up some sweet peas and calendula now and seeing what the sheep are up to.  Tshirt weather!