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Thursday, May 6, 2010

This morning

I woke up this morning to my normal routine - put a bottle in the microwave for the new fainting goat orphans. Then I sat on the couch and rifled through the bag of seeds that are all begging to be planted right at the right time and upon deciding to throw some keeper squash in my garden at work, I heard a cheep come from the incubator. The turkey eggs are pipping and one turkey had it's beak out and was complaining about being stuck in an egg in an incubator. That's turkeys. Always complaining. But I'm happy they are starting to hatch as they are delicious and hatching right on time for landing on a Thanksgiving table this year.

From there, I walked back to the sheep and goats with a steaming hot bottle of milk in one hand and throwing pepper the ball with the other hand as she bounded through the grass still wet with last nights rain. The back field was heavy with a weird fog that made the sleeping alpaca look like a lockness monster in the middle of the field while the sheep trudged through with their zombie-like morning hunger groans. I went to check on the Icelandic we call Black Cloud that I had spent hours brushing out yesterday for a shear date of today only to find that among the giant curtain of frizzed out wool was a perfect little white lamb.

I still am baffled by sheep genetics and so I'm not sure how almost every sheep I've had born here looked the exact same - black with a little white spot on its head. Why then is the blackest of all our sheep the mother of the whitest lamb we have?

Oh well. Either way, I'm happy. The lamb is healthy and resting and despite being rather young, Black Cloud is caring for her little one like a veteran matron.

I'd say I had a good morning. I watched the ducks in their endless games of tag, washed the three dozen eggs were are getting a day here! Wohoo! I checked on the baby bunnies, nestled in their little hay nest. The next batch of egg laying chickens looks happy as they play with the baby geese. The greenhouse is ridiculously green in full effect.

I have such a busy day ahead that the excitement of the morning is just a sliver of my entire day. Fence building, seed planting, grapevine trimming... I've got to get back to work!