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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

life lessons of sorts.

First off ---Daisy found a home! They are happy together and I'm glad. She's an amazing dog.

Secondly, the CSA season is winding down and I'm getting that nostalgic-season feeling where I'm reflecting on everything I did and did not do and wishing I did more and thinking about next year and what to do differently and what not to grow and what to switch up. I think for right now, I should try to just focus on the question - what did I learn this year?

Hmm, with the hard task of clearing out my brain from the frenzy of harvest time and putting food back for the winter, amazingly enough, it's hard to concentrate. But anyways, here goes.

What I learned in 2009.

by Janee Houston

Pigs love to hang out in the road.
Sheep can't swim.
Radishes love to reseed themselves, especially if you don't like radishes.
If you want rain, it won't rain but if you don't want rain on a Tuesday... it pours.
Cats can't stop traffic like pigs can.
Not all apple trees are created equal.
Yes, there can be "too much of a good thing." Example, a very succesful zucchini season.
You can never plant enough garlic.
...or potatoes.
....... or asparagus.
............. or sweet corn.
Carrots hate me.
Onions hate me too. note to self, try a new technique - winter seed sowing in greenhouse?
For every one pint or black raspberries picked, expect 25 briar scratches.
Kale in partial shade is no match for kale in full sun.
All kale is still delicious, except after no rain for 3 weeks.
More dogs equals more fun.
Alpacas make crazy noises like cats fighting.
"Free" cow means something you feed, but you can't eat. (still trying to figure that one out too)
Real fencing works far better than electric and is totally worth the money to not have to chase sheep and goats and pigs all around, though I do miss the daily jog and anger management just isn't the same.
Do not count your melons before they grow as they will grow slower and less prolific than math equations and seed packets may want you to believe.
Forcing grapes to be seedless cuts down on their diversity.
Goats love to destroy anything you spent time on - especially if it's time spent planting.

Hmm... I'm sure there's more life lessons to be had, but after a long CSA day of fighting rain again, I'm ready for bed. Members - one more pickup before we close up shop for the season. It's time to stock up. See you Tuesday night!

Monday, September 21, 2009

scattered showers

It rained a little bit yesterday. Not much at all. By "scattered showers" I think the weather prediction meant -one spitting little shower- because it was just enough to get your windshield wet. I guess this is the odd end to a weird season, a little 3 week drought ought to confuse the plants even more. I have a apple tree in bloom now. The dirt is just powder. Even the established trees are looking a little stressed.

The grape harvest is coming up fast and the last week of the CSA is impending. I'm feeling the end of the season blues pretty bad. Even football can't cheer me up this year as my team is more disappointing than ever this season. (I think you know which one I'm talking about...) I'm placing an order for blue berries and cranberries to plant along the creek bed. The pigs are all but one gone, and she is the most lonely looking pig ever.

I guess I'll just keep my eye on the winter plantings of garlic, kale, and turnips that we'll hopefully be pulling up all the way through the dark winter days. I guess no matter what the weather is, things are still growing.