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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Plant sale may 17th 2015

It's the day before the plant sale. There are mountains of things to do on my list. And here we are hiding out in the fish barn next to the mushroom logs, watching the rain.

But that's ok. This is ohio. We relish the rain when it comes as I ponder if the morels will sprout after this cool refreshing rain. I wonder if the rain will soak down through or new strawberry towers. And if it will be on and off tomorrow.

My new foster dog paces. He finds some goose poop and does a taste test, which is gross but means he is taking care of this ragtag flock. He sniffs in the woods and then circles back. And I wonder if his yellow lab face  hides some deeper Anatolian shepherd blood. No chickens killed. No goats agitated. Just nose to the ground and protection mode activated. We will see.

So mowing is out today. We are going to run from the fish barn shelter to the pavilion for a minute and then to the greenhouse to label our little seedlings for tomorrow. We will see what the weather does. We will be out tomorrow, but if the weather doesn't cooperate, there's always next week.