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Friday, March 19, 2010

grass growing

Spring lambs are here!

The grass is getting green beneath my feet. I have my first sunburn. The geese are playing in the spring puddles right next to the road. And all signs point to the fact that spring is here!

I have ten half finished blogs about winter where I would start and then wouldn't really know what else to say. Now I have so many things to do I can hardly sit down for a minute!

The goats are kidding as I write this, I'm hoping for twins. So far, our first fainter kid is pretty darn cute. The sheep lamb out in the field like old pros. The lambs really look like their father and I'm excited to get rid of my ram and try a new one for next season.

My sister is talking of tilling. With this streak of nice weather, It sounds like a fine idea.

Jason and I are doing minimal tilling in the front garden. I never thought that I would do anything just to not disturb the earthworms... but it's all holistic in the end.

We have seedlings growing everywhere! I do mean everywhere too. My entire dining room is now a seedling room with a grow light nourishing flat after flat of vegetables and herbs.

Spring is coming now and it's so exciting!!!!