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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sketches of spring

I got a new sketchbook. It's a small investment for the world of possibilities it holds. The first few pages are quickly getting filled with line drawings of bunnies and different logo letterings. I'm working on a label for the goat milk lotion my sister has been perfecting. And I like drawing bunnies as they are an expressive yet playful subject matter. I try to draw my dog, but if it's even slightly off it looks terribly wrong as my companions face is so familiar to me that anything else seems bizzare.

Today I am going shopping with my friend B. She's picking me up for what will surely be a very girlie day driving through Amish country to buy dirt and pots and veggie baskets and oil for lotions. My list today is a bit long, but I'm excited to work through it and work you enjoy never really seems like a chore. 

I would like to put another Csa bed in today. The early season always starts out slow so I try to get as much in the ground as possible in hopes of filling the baskets with deliciousness early. The late season tomatoes and squash always fill the baskets easily but the early greens and roots always seem to start so slow. So today should put more onions in the ground and some broccoli romanesco as I'm always trying to get those beautiful fractals to grow. 

I also have some carrots in the ground from last year in a rainbow of colors. While I don't imagine they are still tender enough to eat, I am going to process them to put their nutritional value to use in a lotion by shredding, dehydrating, and infusing them into an oil. Waste not want not. 

And the mushroom logs we cut last week are ready to be innoculated, all 100 of them, which is not an easy or quick task. 
So perhaps my list might be a little long, but I figure if I start with the carrots, I'll at least cross one thing off my list that shouldn't take too long. (Oh how I love the food processor!)

The marginal night weather has the florecent lights back on their timer with the tender tomatoes in the house again. But they are looking very good from their short time in the seed starting greenhouse and we should have quite a nice selection for the plant sale this year. 

Alright, enough if my lounging around. It's Saturday and spring. Time to get something done!