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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Potluck Sun July 25th at 2!

There are different fragrances tempting the busy bees as I walk from one end of my garden to the other. The sunflowers have a heavenly perfume, the lemon balm that brushes my leg releases something reminicent of floor cleaner, and the freshly pulled garlic smell mixes with the delicious scent of tomato leaves just to accent the eutopia of the veggie garden. Jason has stippled patches of flowers throughout the garden and the kohlrabi patch is bordered by borage and zinnia, which are just now starting to open up into their full State Fair glory. The drip irrigation is getting a full workout now that it hasn't rained more than a quarter of an inch in 12 days and the new replants of fruit trees and small fruits are choking and lifting their weak arms up to beg for water. It's july. Even the grass looks dead.
So what more of a perfect way to celebrate the heat of another Ohio summer than with a picnic. Potluck style.

Local Foods Cookout. Sunday July 25th at 2pm

Bring your swimsuit if you so desire to jump in for a round or two of water volleyball (swimming at your own risk, of course) or just come to enjoy some fresh local foods from the bounty of zucchini season. Summer squash is in high production so we welcome dishes that are in season right now, the more local the better. I'm getting some delicious burgers from the beef side of my work and we're firing up the grill with some summer sweet corn as well. There will probably be a lot of cucumber salads as they seem to be rather prolific this year. My sister might be able to scrape together enough cherry tomatoes for another tomato mozerella salad with fresh basil, which is amaaaaazing. All are welcome and bring a friend and a covered dish. I wish I could think of a better name than "potluck" as it reminds me of piles of corn or meat mush in oven bakeware served in a damp church basement, but alas, any other word isn't coming to mind right now.

I can't believe it but I'm already thinking about next year. I'm already dragging out the dog eared, -crinkled from being watered- pages of the 2009 seed catalogs planning excitedly for next year. We're on week 7 of the csa and only a little tiny sliver of the gardens have produced and gone into baskets. We have so much deliciousness left, just basking in the sun and waiting for their time to shine.

I am going to put a deadline on my meat share signups - August 16th is the last day to signup. Reservations are made by check to High Mill Park, first come first serve so I know how much I'll need. If you've shared interest, now is the time to hold your spot for the delicious supply of the best raised meat around. We are going to start our first installment soon as the geese are almost ready already and some early chickens for those who want to get started will be ready in a month or so.
Any questions can be forwarded to or check out

Both me and Pepper my cattle dog are tired from wrangling piglets and fixing their fence yesterday, which is only amplified by the gorgeously sunny-humid day. We're both looking forward to a relaxing night of planting fruit trees I just found on sale and weedwhacking the garden. I'll probably do most of the work and Pepper will just stare at me like she wishes she could help if she only could figure out how.

Projects of the next few weeks - corn crib, more chicken tractors, figure out where the turkeys are going to live, work on new sheep fence, plant fruit trees, water everything if it doesn't rain, clean bathrooms for the cookout, plant late season broccoli and turnips, and get more ducklings.

Exciting things happening this week - my hops flowered, peaches are starting to ripen, apples are coming on strong, grapes at work started turning colors, more potatoes are coming in, tomatoes are starting to turn, sunflowers are in full effect, piglets are still cute, and 3 more weeks until grandma gets her neck brace off and she'll be back to picking beans. I'm sure her doctor would love to hear that. hehe.

This has been deemed the year of the piglet and will be our 5th annual harvest fest. Tshirts will be made if you want one, they'll be around $12. Email if you'd like one ordered. Any color you want. Also - CSA members will get a special surprise at the end of this season at our Harvest Fest the last Tuesday in November.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Holy crap! After months of staring at a giant 700+ pound sow, wondering if she looks more pregnant than the day before as she stuffs her face with mashed potatoes and corn, she finally had 6 little piglets.
Yes, I am witholding pictures because they are completely adorable. Jason cooked up some amazing pork chops yesterday on the grill while I made a fresh cucumber salad. I should have taken a picture of that becasue it was beautiful and delicious. But because of the delay, meat share members take note - we're behind at least a month. We're still on schedule for the Houston family christmas ham though arriving on time.

In other news, one of our CSA members is expanding their yoga studio. Check it out at for an integrated relaxation yoga session. We're hoping to break away from the gardens soon and check it out and I love the fact that you don't have to wear shoes. The world needs more barefoot activities.

Oh, and speaking of barefeet, the pool is filling as we speak. Water volleyball will start up every sunday evening.
And mark your calendar for a special event - our yearly Zucchini cookout will be here at the park on Sunday July 25th starting at 1pm. Bring your favorite covered dish, as local and as in season as possible, and come out for a potluck style cookout with water and land volleyball and plenty of swimming, eating, and just plain enjoying how nice Ohio can be in the heat of July. We also welcome unique ways of cooking zucchini as by the end of July, we all start really getting creative with ways to use the bounty of summer squash season. Hopefully we'll have some tomatoes too and maybe some delcious beef from my work. Local brews permitted as long as you're of age and we'll have some local herbal tea, hard cider and wine to taste as well.