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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

sick slipping into fall

Oh man. I feel funny.

I think I need to find a really good book to dive into. I think I've been running for so long that the cool air that hit me this morning really knocked me back and hit me really hard. The wet rain is lingering on the leaves a little longer and the dark cool nights are creeping in. I have that twinge of -where did the time go- feeling in the back of my mind. I'm not ready for winter.

I think these feelings are compounded by the knot in my throat. I think I'm getting sick. And when my head gets cold with these cool nights, I have more bad dreams. It's too early to start sleeping with a hat on!

Anyway, I had a wonderful time down in North Carolina. I like learning and having someone so amazingly knowledgeable and fun to follow around, I really feel rejuvenated and excited about making wine from start to finish.
I like working constantly, eating really good food, chatting with other wine people, and meeting some great new friends too.
My mentor down there is terminally ill. It makes me really try to capture and freeze every minute that I can. I'm super happy to have met him, but also painfully sad at the same time. I came back with this feeling of -wow, what a great trip- mixed with a twinge of regret for not staying longer, not helping more. I'm already planning my next trip.

So in this Ohio chill, I'm looking at my ewes this year and quite excited for next years lambs already. I can't wait to get a good ram! Oh crap, I should probably email that lady back and confirm that I'd love to get one of her excellent ram lambs.
I'm very excited about this year's rugs and lamb chops. Anyone know about tanning? I guess I'd better learn soon.