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Friday, September 28, 2012

Frost is lingering in the air like an angry coworker peering through the cubicle at you. It's going to strike sometime soon, but all you feel right now is the chill in the air as your hairs stand on end.

I feel bad but I think I might be shearing the sheep now. I was soooo busy up until this point and now with CSA just wrapping up, I have more time. I think they'll make it. I guess there are blankets that I could fashion as sheep coats....

The pasture is loving that recent rain that we just got and has greened up again, almost comparable to the lush green grass of spring. The gardens are starting to slow down a bit, the tomatoes are kinda tumbling down their split frames and sparse foliage. The winter squash are peering out from their giant leaves as squash bugs slowly march along their stems, sucking the life right out of them.

I did get 17 more hens right about to lay which means EGGS! SWEET! I'll let you all know when. ;)