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Friday, August 21, 2015

Modern Barnraising this sunday!

Modern barnraising party this Sunday!

It's finally here. The plastic is ready to be stretched on our 30x72' greenhouse and we need more hands to help! Come by at 1pm this Sunday as we stretch out and stretch on two layers of plastic to extend our growing season to almost year round.

We started last fall with the initial marking of the corners. You need to make sure that your house will be straight or else nothing will work.  

Then in December, as the snow started to fly, we realized that this might be another rough Ohio winter. We tried to make sure our hardware didn't all freeze to the ground, but once the blanket of snow came in, everything was covered for weeks. 

Corina drives the posts in with the carrot canoe in the foreground

Jason finishes up the other side

Then we started laying out the bows for the top. No idea what we were doing so it was a bit of a puzzle, but fun.

The ducks checked our work often on the way to the creek

Grandma also checked our work.

She needed to make sure Jason wasn't doing it wrong.

Then once the growing season hit, we rushed to fill the gardens, get the hops trellis up, put vegetable oil on the apple trees to keep down the bugs, and make sure that all the animals were on fresh grass and well fed.

Now is the time to finish up this project as we start preparing for another Ohio winter. Hopefully this one might be a bit brighter, warmer, and greener. Stretching plastic at 1 (wind permitting) and potluck at 3pm. Volleyball will inevitably follow....

Hope to see you there!

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